Kyyla the progressive bird


Antti Tolkki, Guitar


Petri Sallinen, Bass


Riikka Hänninen, Vocals


Sande, Guitar


Otto Mäkelä, Drums


Tero Väänänen, Vocals and Keyboards

Discordia – A short history


First assembly of Discordia came into existence around year 2001 by Juhani Kauhanen and Antti Tolkki. They had been composing together for some time and after a while they decided to establish a band called Discordia. The name of the band comes from the word “discord”, influenced with Latin language. The idea behind the word discord can also be seen in Discordia’s compositions since the band thinks that the rules made for composing are meant to be broken. Juhani and Antti found an old friend of theirs, Jyrki Tammio, who became a drummer of the band. He, again, brought along another guitarist, Arto Kokkinen. A bit later a singer Pekka Mettälä from Paimio, Finland and a bass player Petri Sallinen from Espoo, Finland joined the band.


Juhani Kauhanen suddenly passed in 2002. In spite of that Discordia decided to continue by refitting songs by for example giving keyboard parts to guitars. Their first appearance after the death of Juhani was at Kivistö Folk-festival in Vantaa, Finland. This assembly played altogether four gigs. In the beginning of 2003 the guitarist Arto Kokkinen left Discordia but they still played one gig without him. Again the songs needed to be refitted for a trio.


In late winter 2003 a keyboard player and saxophonist Jupe Jantunen joined Discordia. In autumn they all played together with legendary Rivendell in Semifinal club, Helsinki, Finland. Another gig was played in Turku, Finland, in Down Town club. Jyrki Tammio also left Discordia at this time. In November Discordia had a gig in Stella Star Club, Helsinki, where their drums were played by Antti Kuosmanen.


Discordia found a new heavy-handed drummer Mikko Neuvonen in the winter of 2004, almost at the same time with Jupe Jantunen’s quitting. They, however, found a new guitarist quickly when Ahmed Ahonen from a band called Kuha joined. Pekka Mettälä wanted to play heavier rock so he left Discordia the next summer.

After a short while Tero Väänänen, a composing student at University of Helsinki, was discovered. He became a new singer-composer who also widened the song selection.

In autumn 2004 Discordia already played together with Kuha at Factory club, Helsinki. The stage was taken over by the old singer Pekka Mettälä and the new one, Tero Väänänen. In December Tero already sang alone at Stella Star Club.


Discordia released an album On a Thin Rope in 2005. In 2005 the band was joined by a singing teacher and a musician Riikka Hänninen. She had studied music together with Tero, and they had also had some band projects together. They started building new ambitious and diverse singing patterns. Multilayered singing fittings have then become Discordia’s trademark.


In late winter 2006 Mikko Neuvonen could not play with Discordia anymore because of lack of time so Discordia lost this distinctive and creative drummer. But not more than a week went by and they already found a new drummer. Precise, Iron Maiden and Rush influenced Otto Mäkelä was tempted along from the training room next door. He did not need more than a month to be able to play his first gig with Discordia in Kluuvi, Helsinki. In autumn Discordia started recording their next album at the studio owned by Harri Kentala. After they had recorded three songs Ahmed Ahonen decided to quit. Again they had a new keyboard player in a week when Liisa Lipas joined. She studied to become a pop-jazz theory and music teacher. She also plays violin and Iranian santur on the record. She can also sing so she got to sing backs. The album Utopia Perfection was released on 2007.


In the beginning of 2008 there were changes in Discordias players. Tero and Riikka left the band and were replaced by vocalist Hannu Hiltula from a band called Viima. He is a Sibelius Academy graduate with a musical background not only from the field of progressive rock but also from jazz and blues. He also plays soprano saxophone. This new assembly had gigs in clubs On The Rocks and Dante’s Highlight and in an event Kallio Kukkii and also released an album The Moment of Pledge in 2010.


After this Discordia kept things quiet, after which Hannu and Liisa did not continue playing with the band. Sande Sandholm from a band called Radio Kuu started jamming with Discordia in 2011. This second guitarist brought some wanted heaviness so Sande joined permanently. At the end of the same year Tero Väänänen decided to re-join with Riikka.


In 2012 Tero, Sande and Antti started composing new songs. Everybody was inspired by cooperation and this led to a group of new compositions and a thought of a new record. The newly born Discordia played their first gig in autumn 2012 together with Der Werkstadt and Trount Quartet –bands.


Season Changes, practiced and perfected for almost two years, was released at the end of 2014. At the same time the band also released their first video.






On a Thin Rope
On a Thin Rope (2005)


Utopia Perfection (2007)
Utopia Perfection (2007)
The Moment of Pledge (2010)
The Moment of Pledge (2010)
Season Changes (2014)
Season Changes (2014)


Season Changes (Season Changes, 2014)


Foreseen (Utopia Perfection, 2007)